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Home page, website design service at Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We supply website design service to business in Shropshire and whole UKAbout spark computing, website design service at Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We supply website design service to business in Shropshire and whole UKExpertise and services from spark computing, website design service at Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We supply website design service to business in Shropshire and whole UKOffice automatic solutions, online business solutions supplied by Spark computing, shrewsbury, shropshirecontact spark computing, shrewsbury, shroshire to discuss online business websites, custom software development

Complex Data Applications
automate any part of any business
The internet is the perfect place for websites that automate internal business communications and information processing.

Move your data communication applications to your website: from Sales Management to Project Management.

Your employees (and clients if you wish) can access and manage information from anywhere in the world at any time.

Manage and coordinate project and payment status, file, document and image changes, and manage information from anywhere in the world at any time.

Different levels of authorization protect your information, allow administrative review of transactions, and provide management reporting, goal statistics and visibility.

Web design
Bespoke web design. Crisp, clean and effective website only for your business.

Complete Content Management
infinite pages, navbar control, images, and much much more
Infinite Pages and graphic images
Content Managed nav bars
Infinite internal and external hyperlinks

Complete control
Often without argument, the most commonly requested element of any website that we create is the ability for your clients to make additional changes easily without complex tools (and without incurring additional cost).

The term Content Management is an often misused (or misunderstood at best)!

Ocean Bear provides content management in a great variety of ways from simple text and graphic image changes to screen layout changes and even the addition of new links on navbars referencing new pages.
From text based changes to record based changes.

All of our websites allow the client to create new data such as product classifications and listings and to customize descriptions and even the emails that their website generates for their customers.

We believe that websites should allow clients to manage and direct the processes and the experience that their customers have on their website.

Online Reservation Systems
yes! for services, venues, products and more !
Ocean Bear can provide online reservation systems for both appointment reservations (e.g. for hair salons or doctors or dentists) and for hotel, restaurant and event reservations as well.

Both types of systems use a calendar to assign and manage availabilities.

Special details can also be specified and searched such as the type of services requested (for appointment reservations) of the type of room or other characteristics (for hotel or event reservations).

Other types of reservation systems may also be customized as well.

Automated Email Management & Email marketing tools
send prewritten emails at the touch of a button
How often have you written that email - or cut and paste it into a reply?

Automate that process with a database for your clients that allows you to reply appropriately and personably to each and every email at the press of a button.

Select a group of clients and select a customized email. It is as simple as that!

Have periodic emails (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) automatically sent based upon time and status to your own distribution lists.

Make sure that your customers feel cared for!

Search Engine Optimization
Keeping your website search-engine friendly
There are many ways to insure that your website is correctly indexed by the larger search engines (e.g. google and yahoo).

Certainly proper use of metatags is essential.

Insuring that your metatag content also appears visibly throughout your pages is also necessary.

Prominently displaying links on your home page to all of the more important pages on your website helps insure that these pages will be indexed as well.

Asking your vendors to place links on their websites to you will also make a difference.

Ultimately however, successful websites invariably target their market more specifically and more powerfully by using pay-per-click technology.

SMS Text Interfacing
receive SMS texts and queries ! and send automated information
Owners can receive SMS texts in a great variety of circumstances to let them know what is happening on their website.

And their customers can receive SMS texts to let them know when things have occurred that might be of interest to them (e.g. an Estate Agent might have just published a new property - the website can automatically notify customers who have requested information on certain types of matches).

The website can receive SMS texts and process them like any other query - perhaps sending a reply with the information requested or updating some of the databases with information from the received text.

Many people have "Call Me Now" buttons on their websites for their customers. An SMS text is sent immediately to the designated sales person or owner and an immediate follow-up call can be made to the customer.

Business And Private Chat
freeform or recorded minutes
Online Chat can be used in a variety of ways in business. Often one-on-one chat is one part of a complete customer service package.
Ecommerce Solutions
accept credit-card payments - single and recurring - and more
Often business is best conducted at the moment that your customer wishes to make a purchase. This might not be during business hours.

Often your customer has made a choice and does not wish to spend additional time with details. Many of your customers anticipate that business can be concluded with a credit-card transaction on line.

We have been fully integrated with dozens of ecommerce providers and can handle all sorts of transactions from single transaction purchases to recurring fees that are dynamically calculated depending upon the services actually requested.

High Volume Membership Sites
with large-scale sophisticated pattern matching
High Volume Membership Sites need special consideration.

Members and Customers do not appreciate waiting for several seconds when they request information or select an action.

Large or complex data-driven systems need the real-time performance that only comes from customized "high-octane" designs using the latest b-tree technologies and caching systems tuned to your specific databases.

Was that complex? Well that is what website "engineering" is all about. We work that way so that your customers can rest assured!

Event Ticketing Systems
with or without assigned seating or allocations
Ticketing Systems can be used in a great variety of industries

Attendees can review and select dates and venues and then either reserve or purchase entrance or seating online.

Ticket sales may be limited to a general count or tickets may correspond to assigned seating with potentially different pricing for different seats or general areas.

Mobile application development
Enable true mobile working and virtual office
We build software applications that run on Windows CE platform. The application can synchronize data collected to a remote server via GPRS, a feature normally included in a Mobile Phone. Our applications can connect to a backend database or simply exchange information via plain text files.Secure login is a normal feature to protect important information. Mobile application (Android/Iphone) is popular for Field Services, Sales, and SMS integration. .

Website Content in Chinese. Web translation
Present your Website in Chinese. Translate your existing website into Chinese and expose your business to the biggest population in the world.

Translation Agencies can log in and adjust the content whenever they wish.
Service Summary

- Complex Data Applications
- Web design
- Complete Content Management
- Online Reservation Systems
- Automated Email Management
- Mobile application development
- Search Engine Optimization
- SMS Text Interfacing
- Business And Private Chat
- Ecommerce Solutions
- High Volume Membership Sites
- Event Ticketing Systems
- Website Content in Chinese

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